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At the Hive Wednesday 9-23

At the Hive Wednesday 9-23

Chicken salad, Cobb salad, buffalo chicken dip, cinnamon honey butter, chicken soup with cheese tortellini, chicken vegetable soup, beef bacon and sausage chili, chicken fajita soup, cheddar bacon ranch potato salad, smoky corn and potato chowder with bacon soup, gluten free shepherds pies, bacon buns, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie are all in the refrigerator. Lots of pastries, breakfast buns, breakfast sandwiches, garlic bread, chicken tetrazzini, cream of chicken and rice soup, cheese manicotti, pizza pork pockets and more in the freezer!

In the Kitchen on Thursday 9/17

In the Kitchen on Thursday 9/17

Green chicken chili, cocoa zucchini cake, sausage cheddar biscuit bites, beef stroganoff, turkey apple Brie sandwich packs, creamy spinach artichoke dip, bacon egg and cheese breakfast buns, ham egg and cheese breakfast buns, chicken soup with cheese tortellini, key lime pies and southwest chicken pot pies in the refrigerator!In the freezer we have homemade lasagna, chicken tetrazzini, baked ziti with Italian sausage, gnocchi with bacon roasted veggies and Parmesan, tuna casserole, breakfast ham panini, breakfast sandwiches, meatballs in marinara, pizza pork pockets, cheesy hash browns, stuffed green peppers, Mac and cheese, cheesecakes, ice cream pints, chicken devil soup, chicken fajita soup, loaded veggie soup, garden veggie chicken soup…

The Hive Store Open to the Public

Next week on Monday 9/14 we are going to open the storefront for you to finally come in and shop!

There is only one way you’ll be allowed in, however. You MUST wear a mask, and wear it properly the entire time you are in the store. I will be strictly enforcing this rule.

Important note about The Hive and COVID-19

Important note about The Hive and COVID-19

Due to the current situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, we are closing the Hive Storefront to customers. HOWEVER! We’ve just opened an online store that will allow you to place orders and arrange Hive curbside pickup!

Visit the online store here.

We take the health and wellbeing of our clients and our customers very seriously, so while we apologize for this hopefully temporary change in business arrangements, we want to help everyone get through this as safely and quickly as possible.

Our clients will still be able to use the kitchen for any work they have lined up and they will be providing us with new items to sell online as well. So check back often to see what’s been cooking at The Hive.

Something new at The Hive

We have some news.

Things have been quieter from the kitchen this week because we’ve been preparing for a change. Starting next week we will have a freezer stocked with take and bake items (soups, stuffed peppers, pizzas, meatballs, pasta dinners and more!) and will have regular hours where you can stop by and pick something up for breakfast…lunch…dinner…whatever 😁 The freezer is up front near the windows, looks just like this, and we hope to see all of you stopping in for an easy meal. I’ll still post regularly when we add new or more items to the freezer. We will also make sure to have our single serving sizes in the freezer as well.

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