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Are you tired of getting your dinner from a drive thru? Don’t feel like cooking, then cleaning up the mess? Want something homemade that’s not loaded with preservatives, but don’t have the energy to make it?

Let someone else do it for you!

After a long day, the last thing anyone wants to do is make dinner.

You’re tired. You’re crabby. You need a drink! You’ve probably spent your day trying to put out other people’s fires and just want to go home and sleep! We’ve been there.

The cooks at The Hive Kitchen keep our storefront stocked with pre-made meals, all you have to do is pick one out, take it home, and pop it in the oven to heat it up. Take a long bath while dinner takes care of itself. No pots and pans to clean up. Heck use paper plates or eat right out of the container, we won’t tell anyone.

  • At the Hive Wednesday 9-23

    Chicken salad, Cobb salad, buffalo chicken dip, cinnamon honey butter, chicken soup with cheese tortellini, chicken vegetable soup, beef bacon and sausage chili, chicken fajita soup, cheddar bacon ranch potato salad, smoky corn and potato chowder with bacon soup, gluten free shepherds pies, bacon buns, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie are all in the refrigerator. Lots of pastries, breakfast buns, breakfast sandwiches, garlic bread, chicken tetrazzini, cream of chicken and rice soup, cheese manicotti, pizza pork pockets and more in the freezer!

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