“What is this place?” has to be the #1 question asked by people coming through our door (followed by #2 “What do I need to join?” and #3 “Do you have chicken salad?”) So what IS The Hive? We are a health department-inspected shared commercial kitchen space available to rent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We currently have 2,400 square feet of workspace with stations for cooking, baking, food prep, dish washing, as well as cold and dry storage space available to our rental customers. Want to join The Hive? Find out how on our Getting Started page.

The Hive Kitchen Store is open Monday through Friday 6am to 6pm.

In The Storefront

The Hive Storefront is open Monday – Friday 6:00am to 6:00pm. Items stocked daily, available while they last.

  • Thanksgiving Week

    Just a reminder that the storefront will be closed after 11am today as everyone will be focusing on Thanksgiving orders and not making food for the refrigerator or freezer! Stop by and grab some fresh pretzels or a sandwich for today’s lunch before Frau Crust closes down for the day. She will be back tomorrow at 6am-11am with another cake of the day, fresh pretzels, bread and sandwiches!

What’s New In The Hive

Find out about new clients, special events, and other things of note in the Hive Community.

  • Get Well Soon Packages
    Posting this today since someone called and asked for one, and oddly enough I hadn’t thought to post that we have these since the beginning of the pandemic. If you know someone who is sick and could use a little pick me up, we can package 1 quart of soup of your choice depending on daily availability, box of tea, small jar of honey, lip balm and packet of tissues for $20. A little bit of advance notice is helpful to get all of the parts and pieces together.
The Hive Kitchen 815-922-7540
25520 Pheasant Lane Unit D Channahon IL 60410