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The Hive Store Open to the Public

Next week on Monday 9/14 we are going to open the storefront for you to finally come in and shop!

There is only one way you’ll be allowed in, however. You MUST wear a mask, and wear it properly the entire time you are in the store. I will be strictly enforcing this rule.

Store update

We’ve had a lot of people asking if we are opening up for people to come in and shop this week, so I just wanted to update everyone. We are going to continue the curbside pickup for the time being for a couple of reasons. The main reason is we want to make sure everyone who works in the kitchen feels like it’s time for us to open up, and we’re not all at that point. There are multiple people and businesses that rent this space, and we need to respect everyone’s opinions with regard to safety. I know a lot of people are anxious to come in and check out the new space, and we are making some plans for that to happen. We’re also talking about some sort of open house, complete with free samples from the businesses that work here. I’ll post more updates on that once we have all of the details. For anyone who doesn’t know, our online ordering site is

Thanks for your patience, and have a great weekend!

Welcome Cream-Crunch-N-More to The Hive!

It’s been a little while since I’ve gotten to do this since the shelter in place orders, but everyone! I’d like you to welcome the newest member of the Hive, Creamcrunchnmore! Besides using the kitchen as a commissary for their ice cream truck, they will also be stocking our freezer with pints of their most popular ice cream and soon ice cream cookie sandwiches for you to buy! Head on over to their facebook page to follow where they will be with their truck next!

Chicken Salad Update!

Chicken Salad Update!

I’ve had a couple of inquiries this week about chicken salad and will I be making any… everyone should be aware by now that there are some issues with the meat supply chain, which is driving prices up. The cost of chicken from the supplier has doubled in the last week, and in order to keep prices of things here reasonable, most of us are pivoting to making things where the meat we do have can be spread out. Chicken salad is almost ALL chicken. At the moment, it doesn’t make sense to make that so instead I’ll use the chicken to make soups, tetrazzini, etc. When pricing returns to normal I’ll be able to make things like Chicken salad and not have to raise pricing.

Helping Neighbors

Helping Neighbors

Last week, the Happy Belly Chefs received an email from a local resident who has been bringing some items to residents at the St. Elizabeth’s apartments here in Channahon. To those of you who aren’t familiar with the apartments, they are an affordable housing development for seniors with some of the units made available for low income senior tenants. Some of the residents are afraid to venture out during the current situation, not wanting to go to a store for things that they need, like food!! After reading the email and talking with the Happy Belly ladies, we decided to try and help. We are going to take donations on the online store so that we can buy supplies and make freezer meals for all of the residents in the complex. There are 48 apartments and we are going to be working this week to gather dietary restrictions/allergy information from one of the on-site managers, and once we have that information we are going to create a menu and donate our time and kitchen time to food businesses that work here to make up as many meals as we can for the residents. Something to know that their neighbors care about them and are here for them. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so at, all proceeds will be spent on food/ingredients for as many meals as we can make.

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