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Long but important post
I’m sorry to inform everyone that the storefront will be closed for a bit. Tonight I received a message from Anni and Florian that they were not feeling well, chills, body aches and cough. Out of an abundance of caution and for everyone’s safety, we are closing the kitchen to our customers in the event this is a case of Covid. This may be the flu, as Germany has put some very strict rules in place to deal with Covid, and Anni and Florian went home to Germany over Christmas where they were both tested. Each of them had a rapid test and a pcr test (the more accurate test). Their rapid tests came back negative but Anni had a positive pcr test. So they quarantined for two weeks in Germany. After quarantine they returned to the kitchen on 1/18. So we are having everyone at the kitchen who has come into contact with Anni and Florian recently to get tested. Anni and Florian will also be tested and if we all come back negative, we can open again. If not, then you know the rest! I will keep everyone updated but for now, the storefront will unfortunately be closed. We are lucky enough to have two completely separate kitchens, so some people who work in the other kitchen have had no contact with those of us who have. Three of those businesses, We Make You Bake, Eat2bFit and Plant Bellies Vegan Catering, have made food or will be making food for sale over the next few days. I will be posting a list of vegan items with prices that will be available if you’d like to order directly from Plant Bellies and arrange a curbside pickup from the other kitchen. Eat2bFit is planning a pop up for the Super Bowl on Sunday with birria pizzas and nachos, so orders will be taken this week if you’d like to order.
I’m really sorry for any inconvenience this week, but we’d really rather make sure all of our customers stay safe.

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