Closed August 16-23

Everything happens for a reason, right?
I was home all week with shingles, and with that, I avoided a potential exposure to Covid. Today I was informed that someone who was working in one of the kitchens last week has tested positive for Covid. While none of our customers were in contact with this person, other people who use the kitchens for their business were. So I am closing the storefront this week and having everyone who was here working last week go in for a Covid test. They will all be allowed back in to use the kitchen once they provide me with a negative test result. If anyone tests positive they will, of course, be denied entry until they have a negative result. My priority, for the last 100 years it seems, has been to keep everyone here safe and working, so we need to stop this in its tracks. Hopefully everyone else will have a negative result, but at this point I’m really not willing to bet money on that. We will more than likely be requiring customers to start wearing their masks inside again when we do reopen. Thanks for understanding, and stay safe!!

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