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I wanted to make a post today to hopefully draw some attention to a local organization here that has been working to help some of our most vulnerable neighbors. The organization is the Meal Ministry for Families in Crisis, and it was started by local resident Joi Walker. I’ve attached a copy of the letter she gave me that provides details about the meal ministry. Joi’s group provides meals for families in the area who have been affected by various health issues, and the group runs on donations.

I’ve been hearing stories about the meal ministry from customers here at the kitchen, and I thought this is a great cause and would really love to help raise some money for them.

The cost of food has been increasing recently, and as I’m sure you’ve seen in several recent facebook posts, there is no shortage of families here who are dealing with chemo, surgeries, etc. and would or are currently benefitting from this meal ministry. When I’ve asked for donations for causes before, you guys have all come through like champs and are very generous. There’s only so much one person can do, but when we get together we can make a big difference!

Here is a link that we’ve made on the if you’d like to make a donation, and we are passing 100% of the donations collected to the meal ministry. I’ll keep this link active for a full week, let’s see what we can raise to help the meal ministry take care of those that need it the most!

Go to the donation page.

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