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We have been fortunate enough to be able to buy food and pay bills during the past year, and we know others haven’t been as lucky. We’ve seen the turnover at our little free pantry out front, and we know a lot of people are struggling to make ends meet.

For those of you who don’t know, we have a little free pantry right in front of the kitchen ( ). I will be using the $600 I received from the govt stimulus/relief to fill the pantry as needed. If any of you would like to leave items in the pantry, you can do so whenever you like. If the pantry is full and you show up to donate when the kitchen is closed, just leave your donations on top. If we are open I am more than happy to keep items inside and fill the pantry as room is available.

Refrigerated items can be left only when the temp is going to remain in the 30’s, and please no glass jars.

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