What a week! Right!?

So…First off, thank you to everyone who came in and showed a huge amount of support to this place and all of the food businesses that work here. We all really really appreciate it. Monday was a crazy day, and so was Tuesday, then Wednesday started to get back to normal as far as traffic into the kitchen. Yesterday I thought things had calmed down…and then today we went back to crazy town. A lot of people asked if we would be closing due to the new orders today. Yes and no.

The kitchen will remain open for the food businesses who need the space to work. The storefront will not be open to customers. If there is something you want or need, there will be two ways to get it: picking it up outside, or having it delivered. Delivery option at this time will only be available for those in need… if you are in a category considered vulnerable (immunocompromised or elderly) we will work out a delivery. The deliveries will all be no-contact. You can place an order on the phone and pay by credit card or we can give you a total and you can leave payment in an envelope at your door. It is very important that none of us have contact with one another at this point. All other orders will be sidewalk pickup. We will have tables outside and will leave items being picked up on the tables in bags with names clearly visible. Hours are to be determined.

I know this is weird. This is new territory for all of us. But the most important thing here is keeping everyone safe while we try to maintain a little bit of normalcy in all of the chaos. We will start this on Tuesday. Monday the kitchen will be full with private chef jobs and Florian prepping chicken for his Tuesday location. Tomorrow he will be parked as usual at River Hawk Brewing, so if you usually stop by to see him on Saturday, stop by to see him tomorrow. Practice your social distancing wherever you go, 6 feet of space between you and anyone you encounter. So just throw your money at him and he will throw chicken at you.

We’ll work this all out. Try to keep your sense of humor because all of this is pretty damn depressing and scary sometimes. We’ll keep doing our part and you keep doing yours and soon enough we will all get through this.

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