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Alright everybody. Listen up.

I’ve been getting the emails and notifications all day from companies saying they’re going to elevate their cleaning habits to combat this virus and keep everyone safe. Number 1: why haven’t they been keeping their places clean all along!? ? Number 2: there’s only so much businesses can do to keep customers safe…and all it takes is for that one sick customer to walk through the door and ruin everyone’s day.

Everyone who works in this kitchen has had health department certified food manager and sanitation training classes. This means we all not only know how to prevent food borne illnesses and how to wash our hands and when to wear gloves and how to sanitize everything, but we also know that there are times when people should not be in the kitchen. This also includes people who don’t work in the kitchen. For our renters, anyone who attempts to come to work in the kitchen while showing any symptoms of an illness (respiratory illnesses are impossible to hide) will immediately have their contracts suspended.

NOW. IF YOU ARE A CUSTOMER: and if you are sick, and this is even outside of this coronavirus epidemic, PLEASE do not come to the kitchen. I have done this for people on many occasions, if you can not get to the kitchen due to illness or impairment I will arrange a delivery. It may happen after 6pm when we close but I will come to you. Stay out of the kitchen. Keep your sick kids at home.

Next week we will have several food businesses ramping up soup production and will have plenty of cold and flu survival kits on hand (soup, local honey, cookies, tea and tissues!) JUST IN CASE anyone happens to be feeling under the weather. Otherwise, we’re business as usual and will continue to make dinner so you don’t have to.

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