The Hive is Growing

In beekeeping, there’s a thing called “splitting the hive.” A beekeeper will do this usually in the spring, when the original hive has become too crowded with bees. If a big hive isn’t properly managed, the bees will swarm. They’ll leave the hive to look for a better place to live. In a split, half of the bees will be moved to another hive in the hopes that they will build up a second strong hive, just like the colony they were split from. It’s a reproduction process basically.

Well, that’s what happened at our Hive. We’re getting too crowded, and we would like to manage things so nobody feels like there’s not enough room and they want to leave. So we are giving them more room to work.

Luckily for us, there was an additional space open in the same strip mall where our original kitchen is located. It needs some work, and I will be heavily involved in the whole process while trying to manage the existing kitchen at the same time. So if I don’t see your Facebook post asking me to hold items for you, I’m sorry in advance, it’ll probably happen more than once during this renovation process. I’ll be juggling contractors and inspections and doing some of the work myself. We are planning to move the storefront to the new space to add more room so we can sell more products and ready made meals. Thanks to all of you who have been coming by and picking up meals, we’re growing. Faster than we thought we would. So stay tuned for more details on the second kitchen, and for updates on more food businesses joining the Hive.

Thank you to all of you over the past year for all of your support ❤️

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