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In beekeeping, the hive is the collective, the community. The community works together on a daily basis to promote the wellbeing of their own colony, and in doing so the environment outside of the colony is enriched. Flowers and plants are pollinated, fruits and vegetables grow in greater abundance due to the teamwork of the bees in the hive.
Without the cooperation, communication and support of all of the bees in the colony, the hive fails. Only a strong, healthy hive can be productive.

We know this community is full of talented, creative people. Being creative isn’t always enough to get a business off the ground. Starting a business takes resources, especially money and time, and it means taking a risk that a lot of people aren’t comfortable enough to take. We are helping you minimize that risk here at The Hive to help get you going by building a kitchen space for you to rent when you need it without having to purchase expensive equipment and committing to a year long lease on your own.

Along the way we’d like to promote individuals who come to the Hive here in this space and on our social media pages to help give exposure and grow their ideas and start-up businesses. Want to be a part of this experiment? Let us know!

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