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Still not sure how The Hive membership plans work? Here’s an example story that might help make things a little more clear.

John is starting a catering business and is using the Hive to prepare his meals to take to his clients. He decided to begin with Package 2 which allows him 20 hours each month over three months at a rate of $19 an hour.

We charge John for his first month on the first day of his contract. If he doesn’t use all his hours each month he can roll up to 10 hours over into the next month. If he needs more than 20 hours, he can borrow hours from his next month or buy additional hours in his final month.

Even if John doesn’t renew his contract he can rollover hours one extra month after his contact expires. Any rollover hours not used in the month following the end of his contract will be forfeited.

So here’s an example of what John’s three months could look like:

Month Plan Hours Hours Used Rollover Hours Overage Hours Billed
May 20 20 $380
June 20 22 2 $380
July 18 14 $380
Carryover 4 4 $0

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* In July John only has 18 hours because his June usage was over the 20 in his membership.

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