Want to reserve time at the Hive? Want to know what times the Kitchen stations are available? We’ve got a calendar below where you can see what times are available and what times are taken. If you’re a member with The Hive and haven’t scheduled your time yet, click on the Reservation Form tab and let us know what times you’d like to reserve.

Reservations can only be placed by existing members. For more information how to become a member, read more on our Getting Started page or Contact Us to set up a time to come meet us at the kitchen and discuss what membership plan works best for you!

Smartphone users! We know this calendar can be difficult to view. We’ve changed it so cellphone/profile sees the Agenda view instead of the standard view. We’re working on finding a better option to this. Stay tuned.


  • CS1 = Cooking Station 1
  • CS2 = Cooking Station 2
  • CS3 = Small Cooking Station
  • BS = Baking Station
  • ER = Exclusive Rental
  • PS = Popup Store