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Store update

We’ve had a lot of people asking if we are opening up for people to come in and shop this week, so I just wanted to update everyone. We are going to continue the curbside pickup for the time being for a couple of reasons. The main reason is we want to make sure everyone who works in the kitchen feels like it’s time for us to open up, and we’re not all at that point. There are multiple people and businesses that rent this space, and we need to respect everyone’s opinions with regard to safety. I know a lot of people are anxious to come in and check out the new space, and we are making some plans for that to happen. We’re also talking about some sort of open house, complete with free samples from the businesses that work here. I’ll post more updates on that once we have all of the details. For anyone who doesn’t know, our online ordering site is Hivekitchenstore.com.

Thanks for your patience, and have a great weekend!

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