Tuesday 12-15

In the refrigerator we have pot roast dinners (single servings $10) and baked chicken breast strips with green beans (2 servings $15), stuffed cabbage rolls, pasta fagioli soup, baked ziti with Italian sausage, chicken devil soup, chicken fajita soup, one small pre-baked chicken pot pie and one 5/6 serving pre-baked chicken pot pie, and cinnamon apple baked French toast casserole. Cupcakes, mini cheesecakes cheesecake jars and 4 hot cocoa bombs left!
In the freezer we have shepherds pies, chicken pasta with spinach and sundried tomato cream sauce, 2 serving chicken pot pies, loaded veggie soup, beef bacon and sausage chili, 4/5 serving lasagnas, chicken broccoli casserole, keto sausage bites and more. Working on cream of chicken and rice soup, should be ready by 3:00.
Open until 6pm.

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